Your Mitzvah, Your Way

Rabbi Betsy Roth


Common Spelling Mistakes:

You might have made a number of spelling mistakes when you plugged your words into the search engine.  Don’t feel silly.  At least you ended up at the right site!  Your Mitzvah, Your Way!

Many people make spelling errors when looking for information, by using Transliteration of a Hebrew or Yiddish word.  I tend to call “Transliteration” another language.  Some people think it’s easier to use transliteration of Hebrew as a method for learning Hebrew.  I personally think it makes Hebrew Lessons even harder.  Whether it is in an Adult Hebrew Class or a Bar Mitzvah Lesson, learning Hebrew the ‘old fashion’ way is the one I recommend.

Here are some common spelling mistakes (and now you know why!) :

Mitsva,  Mitzva, BatMitzva, Hebru, Juwish, Tuter, Banay Mitsva, B’nay Mitzva.  A few more are: judeic, judiesm, tora, haftora, half tora. etc.  There are countless ways to transliterate or misspell any of the above terms.